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Housewarming Recipes- Side Dishes

Chickpeas (some, dry, or a tin of)
Olive oil
Lemon juice
All ingredients are to individual preference.

Tahini is sesame seeds and olive oil and garlic and that's about it. You can make it, or buy it, but it's about the same process as for this so you may's well make it. Doesn't keep well unless frozen though.
Boil the chickpeas until eatable, if they're dry. Once done- or canned- put them in a blender with the other things. Blend (it will).
This keeps for a week or so fridged, or just freeze it in a microwavey box.

*Sambal Ulek
Red chillis (your preferred variety; I use Thai Bird's eye, but they are tiny so sometimes a
large cayenne or African bird's eye/piripiri.)
Fish sauce
Tamarind paste

Blend all of them until they're a consistency you are satisfied with. You can use vinegar instead of tamarind, or even water if it's not blending right, but either way the end result should *not* be for chilli-wusses.

Pumpkin seeds (green ones, *not* the salted kind)
Lemon juice
Olive oil

Toast the pumpkin seeds on an ovenable tray under the grill. Once they change colour or start to pop, they're suitable (keep careful watch). Then blend all, as above. Thematic, eh?

*Marinaded Feta
Feta, some
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Cayenne pepper
Coriander leaf

Cube (or mash up) the feta, pour in the wet things, garlic, ground cayenne/cumin and fresh cut leaf coriander and parsley. You can leave it for a while to stew, but it's not necessary.

*Fabulous Olives
Green olives
Other ingredients as for Feta.

This I recommend making a week or so before. Just add all the bits and shake before serving. Save the drippings, they're great for cooking absolutely anything in.

*Spiced Beans
Black-eyed beans or kidney beans or any beans you like, or lentils.
Other ingredients as for Feta/Olives, with...
Hot sauce (Habanero for preference)

Boil the legumes until cooked. Mix up all the ingredients in a pan and cook for a bit, or if you are concerned about the vapourised habanero travelling from room to room and gassing folk, don't bother.

Sambal Ulek is Indonesian, Pepitas is Mexican, the others are general east Mediterranean/sort of Greek/Turkish/nonspecific Middle Eastern or one I made up. They are particularly good as part of a mezze type dinner.
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