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Housewarming Recipes- Bread


German recipe, obvs. Potatobread. Basically you use your everyday white or brown loaf recipe but replace half the flour with boiled potatoes. I did not measure the amounts, and I use a breadmaker, so I just boil some spuds then put them in the machine whole; they get paddled to mush quickly enough. If you are not using a breadmaker you might prefer to mash them first, unless you like the idea of potato lumps. I will not post a recipe as such for this because if you know how to make bread, you can make kartoffelbrot.
I added some marjoram, garlic flakes, and caraway seed to enliven the flavour a bit.


I call it lavash but it's a fairly nonspecific Middle Eastern-style raised flatbread when I make it. I don't make it particularly flat, either, but it is the best accompaniment to any mezze-type meal. You can dip it in owt.
Same as above- basic white dough recipe, with some cumin seeds/garlic/olive oil added. Once the dough has finished doing what dough does, knead it out and fashion into big flat round things. Bake in a medium oven. It rises fairly quickly (mine looks more like naan), so bake as long as is your preference.
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