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Housewarming Recipes- Green Gumbo and Jerk Chicken

The green gumbo recipe is from here. Use any greens you like, as well as the ones listed there; it still works. That whole site is feckin' fantastic, btw.

Jerk Chicken: you cannot do this unless you have scotchbonnet chillis, or at least red habaneros. Don't even bother. Those of you who think my chilli collection is a bit obsessive, consider the difference in flavour between a red cayenne and a habanero (or don't if you haven't ever eaten one); they are like a grape and a watermelon.
Anyway. You mix up the following:
Scotchbonnet pepper (be careful with 'em; I'm not, but I will not be responsible for you losing an eye)
Allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, pepper
Garlic, sprongions, fresh thyme
You can heat the spices if you want; only cook the chilli if you have good ventilation. Grind all ingredients together. I used a bit of oil to make it more of a jar-able mixture, but you don't have to do that.
Rub it on your chicken (wahey).
Ideally this should be barbecued or done on a real fire, but I settle for grill.
It should be obvious but this recipe is *very* hot.
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