Glitter in your Gruel (stockingshock) wrote in sydtrough,
Glitter in your Gruel

Housewarming Recipes I

May's well use this comm for summat, no? I'm putting all the housewarming recipes here. They'll be posted individually for ease of searching and that.

Starting with: Prole Canapes.

Black bread or dark rye bread (or even Ryvita/other crispbread, if you prefer things that are thin); 1-2 per person.
Small red onion
Red and yellow pepper
Mature cheddar
Dried red chilli flakes
Olive oil

You decide the quantities. You can add other vegetables that you like, of course.
Toast the black bread. Prepare a grillable tray with chopped vegetables, doused with oil and sprinkled with the garlic and herbs. Grill until it starts to char here and there.
Slice up the cheese, lay it on the bread as for everyday cheese on toast.
Spread the grilled vegetables over the cheese, and grill for a bit longer (until you're bored).

This wasn't strictly an international recipe, just one we made up, but the bread is more or less German, the cheese is homegrown, and the vegetable preparation vaguely Spanish. Ta!
Tags: bread, cheese, german, grilled, housewarming, peppers, spanish, vegetables
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