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sydtrough's Journal

Syd's Trough- Recipes approved by Muffti
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This is a community for recipe-sharing.
Mainly, this community will appeal to mutual friends of Muffti, Party Fish, since they will probably have eaten several of them. Perhaps they would care to know the procedure behind the dish, or have one of their own. They may wish to have a test-audience to get feedback on recipes. Or they might want to publicise a food-related event.
Any and all cuisines/culinary styles/traditions are welcome.
Underlying this is a vague philosophy of: DIY cooking, enjoying food without pretension, and the ubiquitous Trying New Things.

Muffti and his chief taster the StickHorse welcome you, and hope you are delicious.
banquets, bento, biscuits, bread, british food, cajun and creole food, capsaicin, cast-iron pans, cheesecake, chicken tikka masala, chilli, chinese food, chocolate, chopsticks, cooking, coriander, creme patisserie, curry, custard, dining on the cheap, dinner parties, eating, educating chilli wusses, experimental recipes, fish, food, foreign muck, fried dishes, fudge, herbs, homebrew, hot'n'spicy, improvised food, indian food, ingenuity in dinner, japanese food, lemon grass, lunch, mead, mee krob, millefueille, mousse, muffti party fish, naan, nepalese food, nesselrode, noodles, pudding, recipes, rice, roti, sauces, spices, steamed rolls, stick horse, sticky buns, sticky rice, strawberries, sushi, tarts, tea, tempura, thai food, throwing ingredients together, trifle, truffles, yeast